Thursday, December 23, 2010

EShakti: Best Thing to Happen to Women in a Really Long Time

Buying clothes is really not an enjoyable task for me.  It wasn't even all that enjoyable when I used to be super thin, which hasn't been the case for years, and has only gotten less enjoyable as I have gained weight over the years.

I think that the biggest issue is that I am shaped the way I am shaped.  Not how some designer thinks I should be shaped.  Not how the models on the runway are shaped.  I am shaped like me, for better or worse, and there's not a whole lot I can do about my general shape, no matter how many pounds I currently weigh.

Another big issue is the fact that I dress modestly.  I don't wear skirts that are too short (and I am pretty tall, so a skirt that would be long enough on someone a few inches shorter is scandalous on me), or tops that are sleeveless.  So many times a dress that would look amazing on me is ruined because of the length of the skirt or the lack of sleeves or a neckline that is too low.

Enter  Shakti means power in Sanskrit, and coupled with the "e" it has therefore brought the power of the internet to women.

Love this dress?  Yes, but I'd like sleeves and a longer skirt.

No problem!  For a small fee, they will add them!

I wore this to church this past Sunday and got tons of compliments.  It fits me well, it's modest and I feel good in it, despite the weight I am trying to lose.

They will also do custom sizing for those of us whose dimensions have a harder time fitting into the standard sizing chart for a small fee.  The first custom order you do will be free, whether that be adding sleeves or changing a neckline, or getting custom sizing.  Or all of it.  Free for your first order.  And sign up on their website before you actually complete the first order and you will receive a coupon in your email for a percentage off your next order, which can be your first order. :)

They have such an amazing selection, that I had a really hard time choosing something to review. Not only do they have dresses, they have skirts, blouses, coats, pants and much, much more.

Unfortunately, the dress I originally chose looked awful on me.  Partly because you can't see what the back looks like on the website, and partly because I often forget that styles that once looked wonderful on me don't anymore as I have become a bit rounder.  However, the custom size fit perfectly, even though I probably will never wear that dress in public.

My best advice is that you need to know which styles look good on you before you order something online, which is probably advice that most of you are well aware of.

The next dress I got (see above) fits wonderfully, and looks right on my figure.  Even though they are doing custom work, the dress arrives very quickly and they have excellent customer service.

Like their page on Facebook to keep abreast of deals--there are many running all the time.

So run over to their website and enjoy shopping!  Because I promise you, you will love something.


I was given a sample dress in exchange for this review.


Lacy said...

that dress is SO cute and I love your hat!! :)

Disneypal said...

Seriously? They will add sleeves? That is wonderful! That is one of my biggest pet peeves - lately I cannot find a decent dress that has sleeves - even in the winter - seems like all dresses are sleeveless and I must have sleeves - just not comfortable wearing sleeveless.

I love that they will add the sleeves!!

Thanks for the review - you look cute in the dress by the way.